Halloween Party!

Halloween Party: One of our favorite DJ (Huggy J) will be spinning the tunes as this hopefully outrageous Halloween Costume Party comes to Indian Waters.  Go all out with your costume to be selected by our “judges” as one of ten “finalists” with the “finalist” then judged with an “applause o’ meter” to win a $300 First Place, a $200 Second Place or a $100 Third Place cash.  The dinner featuring goulash and / or spaghetti, Caesar salad and side dishes with lots of garlic to keep the vampires at bay will all have a Halloween flair and will be complimented with Witch’s Brew Punch, imported beers and California wines.  There may even be a Horror Movie Trivia Game if we have brave souls who are willing to display their Horror Movie expertise.  Dinner is from 5-6 and the DJ will play 6-9pm. The $10 donation will allow profits to be donated to the local Animal Shelter.

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